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Current Research & Development Projects, as of 2018

The research studio Data Science currently conducts the following seven projects in the fields of machine learning & information organisation, amongst them Data Market Austria, Safe-DEED and Visiomics. Contractees are T-Mobile or the FFG.

1. Visiomics

Machine learning analysis of aggregated patients' data. See first media coverage here and here. Running since 2017 and until 2019. Contractee: FFG


2. Data Market Austria

A complex interactive online platform under development since october 2016 to buy and sell data and data services. A new prototype will be released in summer 2018. The project also has a Twitter account. Contractee: FFG (Lead project)


3. Safe-DEED

EU-Horizon 2020-Projekt "Safe Data Enabled Economic Development" zum Schutz von persönlichen Daten und dem Garantieren von Vertrauen in Big Data-Analysen.


4. Never Payer Detection

A usage pattern analysis for fraud protection to filter unwilling payers. Customer: T-Mobile, finished.


5. Outreach

Deep neural networks for patent classification. Self-funded university project.



A trademark data classification solution.


7. Growth

New in 2018, more information coming soon.

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0