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Mihai Lupu, PhD
Studio Director
Mihai Lupu is an IR researcher with experience in distributed and domain specific text analysis and retrieval. He is currently Senior Researcher and Operative Studio Leader at the Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft. Previously, he was and a post- doctoral researcher with the TU Wien. His expertise spans over 10 years and covers both academic and industry practice. He has before been invited to talk about artificial intelligence and semantic search at the EPO Conference in Madrid in 2016 and at the International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualisation and is the Project Coordinator of the Austrian Lighthouse project Data Market Austria, funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology . Mihai has received his PhD degree from the Singapore-MIT Alliance at the National University of Singapore, where he has worked mostly on Information Retrieval on Peer-to-Peer Networks, but also on Semantic Web techniques, as well as programming languages. Since then, he has published over 90 peer-reviewed publications, among which two editions of the Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval book. Now, his research interests continue in the area of information retrieval, with emphasis on professional search in general intellectual property in particular.
Alexandros Bampoulidis, BSc
Junior Researcher
Alex obtained his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Thessaloniki ”Alexander the Great” Technological Institute in 2015 and will obtain his MSc degree at the TU Wien in early 2018. His expertise lies in information retrieval, data analysis, log analysis, and evaluation (both online and offline). In particular, he has worked on the analysis of medical logs and the development of domain-specific search engines. Currently, Alex is working on the development and use of (deep) artificial neural networks in a variety of domains.
Claudia Haiderer, BSc
Project Management Assistant
Since June 2019 Claudia Haiderer is Assistant for Project Management at the Research Studio DataScience of RSA FG. In 2018 she completed her Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Biotechnology at BOKU Vienna and is working on her Master's degree in Bio Data Science at FH Tulln. She has gained experience in quality management in both start-ups and large corporations.
Dr. Luca Papariello
Luca was recently awarded his doctoral degree in physics from ETH Zurich. In parallel to his studies in theoretical physics, he extended its expertise in the field of machine learning, focusing on deep learning methods. Since the beginning of 2019, he is a researcher at the RSA FG research studio Data Science. Currently, he is working on text processing with particular interest to the patent domain.
Dr. Abdel-Aziz Taha
Senior Researcher
Abdel Aziz Taha is a senior researcher at Studio Data Science since 2017. Before that, he was a senior researcher and lecturer at the TU Wien, Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems since 2012. He conducts research in Machine Learning with focus on Big Data and data analysis in medical domain and automated industry. He is interested in axiometric and data analysis of complex data such as Big Data and data in an extremely high dimensional space as well as in data mining application. Abdel Aziz Taha received the B.Sc. degree in 2004, the M.Sc. degree in 2007, and the Ph.D. in Computer Science with distinction in 2015, all from the TU Wien. His Ph.D. thesis has been nominated for of GI-Prize for best dissertation in 2015 (GI- Edition- Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), D-16, 289 - 298).

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0