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Main Research

The Research Studio Data Science (DSc) is an R&D initiative for innovation and applied research that accelerates the development, deployment and adoption of Data Analytics and Data Science technology and relevant innovations.

The Research Studio Data Science applies scientifically rigorous data analytics to obtain business – relevant insights based on large amounts of heterogeneous data.

What it can do

The Research Studio Data Science will build onthe following competences:

• Advanced research on improving methodologies and toolsfor Data Science for specific business and social domains

• Designing scientifically rigorous approaches for obtaining clear and plausible insights from data analytics

• Developing innovative Data Science - based solutions to company and societal problems implemented in prototypes

• Consulting on using Data Science to gain insights based on the analysis of existing data and the collection of new data.

How it will do it

Methodological approaches will be applied in the following areas:

• Data Management: data cleaning, pre-processing, validation and curation

• Data Integration: structured and unstructured data, multimodal data, data selection

• Data Analytics: information retrieval, data mining, semantic analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, modelling

• Data Interaction: visualisation, visual analytics, data exploration, decision support

• High-Performance Computing: scalability of developed solutions

In order to provide Data Science solutions in an optimal way, the Research Studio Data Science is building up a multi-disciplinary team consisting of researchers specialised in statistics, data management, data mining, information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing, visual analytics and high-performance computing, along with software developers.


For whom it is

The Data Science Research Studio will work together with and for companies and public administration to develop innovative solutions for gaining maximum value from data.

The solutions will be implemented as prototypes to enable efficient transfer to industry. Through research contracts or through licensing, data analytics solutions will be transferred to companies to be integrated into their business processes and information technology systems.

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0